Proposal Details

Title 1 Pembroke Road, Minto
Summary An application for multi dwelling housing up to 3 storeys. The proposed layout supports approximately 102 lots ranging from 300m2 to 476m2 and a common open space area of 1200m2.
Status Issued
Number SCC_2015_CAMPB_001_00
LGA Campbelltown

Address:Pembroke Road Minto
Plan:1 /620265

Date of Determination 07-03-2016
Determination Site compatibility certificate issued subject to conditions

DPE Contact
Name Adrian Hohenzollern
Phone 9860 1505

File Name Document Type Size(KB)
Application Application document 40939
Council Comments.pdf Council comments 5765
DPE Assessment Report.pdf DPE Assessment Report 11777
DPE Letter to Applicant.pdf.pdf DPE Letter to Applicant 423
DPE Letter to Council.pdf.pdf DPE Letter to Council - Notification 456
DPE Site Compatibility Certificate.pdf.pdf DPE Site Compatibility Certificate 661
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