Proposal Details

Title 58 Laitoki Road, Terrey Hills
Summary The proposal is to develop the site for seniors or people with a disability and ancillary purposes with associated facilities and services to support the housing on site. The proposal includes two levels of care across the site including 60 self-care dwellings contained within 2 to 3 storey apartment style buildings and a residential aged car facility contained within a 3 storey building located towards the western end of the site.
Status Issued
Number SCC_2017_NBEAC_001_00
LGA Northern Beaches

Address:58 Laitoki Road Terrey Hills 2084 Plan:368 /752017

Date of Determination 14-07-2017
Determination Site compatibility certificate issued subject to conditions

DPE Contact
Name Wayne Williamson
Phone 9274 6585

File Name Document Type Size(KB)
SCC Application.pdf Application document 2672
Annexure A - Architectural Drawings.pdf Application document 9314
Annexure B pt1 - Survey Plan.pdf Application document 1049
Annexure B pt2 - Survey Plan.pdf Application document 272
Annexure C - Landscape concept plans.pdf Application document 2054
Annexure E - Accessibility statement.pdf Application document 2430
Annexure F - Traffic report.pdf Application document 12389
Annexure G - Engineering Constraints.pdf Application document 1123
Annexure H - Site inspection.pdf Application document 7286
Council Comments.pdf Council comments 5092
SCC Certificate.pdf DPE Site Compatibility Certificate 273
Letter to Applicant.pdf DPE Letter to Applicant 187
Letter to Council.pdf DPE Letter to Council - Notification 216
DPE Assessment Report.pdf DPE Assessment Report 2243
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