Proposal Details

Title 163 Birrell Street, Waverley
Summary The proposal is for a seniors housing development with ancillary facilities at 163 Birrell Street, Waverley. The proposal was submitted with two schemes, Scheme 1 comprises 137 independent living units and Scheme 2 comprises 117 independent living units and an 80 bed residential care facility. In both schemes, buildings range between 2 to 7 storeys in height. The schemes would also include a child care centre for 90 children, a registered club with restaurant and on-site vehicle parking. The maximum floor space ratio of the two schemes is 1.87:1.
Status Issued
Number SCC_2017_WAVER_001_00
LGA Waverley

Address:163 Birrell Street Waverley 2024 Plan:2 /1114418
Plan:1 /966387
Plan:301 /1114421

Date of Determination 25-09-2017
Determination Site compatibility certificate issued subject to conditions

DPE Contact
Name Brendan Metcalfe
Phone 9860 1442

File Name Document Type Size(KB)
Site Compatibility Certificate Application Form - Waverley Bowling Club.pdf Application document 2185
Site Compatibility Certificate Master Plan - Waverley Bowling Club.pdf Application document 14460
Council Comments.pdf Council comments 2310
SCC certificate.pdf DPE Site Compatibility Certificate 312
Letter to Council.pdf DPE Letter to Council - Notification 215
Letter to Applicant.pdf DPE Letter to Applicant 199
DPE Assessment Report.pdf DPE Assessment Report 2936
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