Proposal Details

Title 170 Reservoir Road, Arndell Park - Blacktown Workers Sports Club
Summary Seniors housing site on RE2 zone. 800 self-contained dwellings, 160 residential aged care beds, 880 car parking spaces.
Status Refused
Number SCC_2018_BLACK_001_00
LGA Blacktown

Address:Reservoir Road Arndell Park 2148 Plan:201 /880404

Date of Determination 01-04-2019
Determination Site compatibility certificate not issued

DPE Contact
Name Michael Cividin
Phone 9860 1554

File Name Document Type Size(KB)
Appendix A - Architectural Concept Plans.pdf Application document 8794
Appendix B - Social Infrastructure Report.pdf Application document 3182
Appendix C - Traffic Impact Report.pdf Application document 11695
Appendix D - Flora, Fauna and Aquatic Assessment.pdf Application document 5749
Appendix E - Flooding Assessment.pdf Application document 44566
Appendix F - Stormwater Management Report.pdf Application document 5217
Appendix F - Stormwater Peer Review.pdf Application document 1314
Appendix G - Geotech Report.pdf Application document 6779
Appendix H - Stage 1 ESA Report_addendum.pdf Application document 575
Appendix H - Stage 1 ESA Report_vol1.pdf Application document 23134
Appendix H - Stage 1 ESA Report_vol2.pdf Application document 10055
Appendix I - Acoustic Report.pdf Application document 3261
Appendix J - Heritage Assessment.pdf Application document 2684
Appendix K - Electrical Services Statement.pdf Application document 2777
Appendix L - Arborist Report.pdf Application document 2579
Appendix M - Hydraulic Services Statement.pdf Application document 322
Site Compatibility Certificate Application Report.pdf Application document 7619
Attachment B1 - Council Comments 2016.pdf Council comments 735
Attachment B2 - Council Comments 2018.pdf Council comments 114
DOC19 276634 2019CCI008 SCC - Panel Decision.pdf DPE Site Compatibility Certificate 319
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