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Title Bayview Golf Course - 52 Cabbage Tree Road and 1825 Pittwater Road, Bayview, NSW 2104
Summary Application for a Site Compatibility Certificate for a seniors housing development comprising:

- 85 'serviced self-care housing' dwellings and ancillary facilities
- seven separate buildings of a maximum of three storeys
- a maximum height of 8.5m
- a total gross floor area of 18,449sqm
- basement parking for 161 cars, loading and servicing
- landscaping including creation of communal open space
- construction of a road linking the proposed development to Cabbage Tree Road and construction of a roundabout on Cabbage Tree Road, along with an associated pedestrian crossing
- construction of a separate pedestrian pathway from the site to the existing footpath on Cabbage Tree Road and along Annam Road to Kiah Close with kerb ramps to provide access to the bus stop opposite Bayview Gardens
- extension / augmentation of services and utilities to service the development
- establishment and management of bushfire asset protection zones, and
- signage adjacent to the roadway entrance.

The development would be operated as a retirement village within the meaning of the Retirement Villages Act 1999.
Status Under consideration
Number SCC_2019_NBEAC_001_00
LGA Northern Beaches

Address:52 CABBAGE TREE RD AND 1825 PITTWATER RD BAYVIEW 2104 Plan:1 /662920
Address:52 CABBAGE TREE RD BAYVIEW 2104 Plan:1 /19161
Address:52 CABBAGE TREE RD BAYVIEW 2104 Plan:6 /45114
Address:1825 PITTWATER RD BAYVIEW 2104 Plan:5 /45114
Address:1825 PITTWATER RD BAYVIEW 2104 Plan:7 /45114
Address:1825 PITTWATER RD BAYVIEW 2104 Plan:A /339874
Address:1825 PITTWATER RD BAYVIEW 2104 Plan:150 /1003518
Address:1825 PITTWATER RD BAYVIEW 2104 Plan:191 /1039481
Address:1825 PITTWATER RD BAYVIEW 2104 Plan:1 /986984
Address:1825 PITTWATER RD BAYVIEW 2104 Plan:2 /986894
Address:1825 PITTWATER RD BAYVIEW 2104 Plan:3 /986894
Address:1825 PITTWATER RD BAYVIEW 2104 Plan:300 /1139238

Date of Determination N/A
Determination N/A

DPE Contact
Name Brendan Metcalfe
Phone 9860 1442

File Name Document Type Size(KB)
Bayview Site Compatability Report dated 15 August 2019.pdf Application document 28448
Appendix N - Aboriginal heritage due diligence report.pdf Application document 3848
Appendix A - Architectural drawings.pdf Application document - Map 97918
Appendix B - Landscape drawings.pdf Application document - Map 38418
Appendix C - Visual Impact Photomontages.pdf Application document - Map 19823
Appendix D - Arboricultural Impact Assessment - Footprint Green - Rev 9-5.pdf Application document 4510
Appendix F - Bayview Golf Club - Financial Letter.pdf Application document 882
Appendix G - Visual Impact Assessment Report.pdf Application document 3826
Appendix H - SEPP65 Design verification statement.pdf Application document 621
Appendix I - Biodiversity development assessment report.pdf Application document 77799
Appendix J - Traffic assessment.pdf Application document 13348
Appendix K - Bushfire assessment.pdf Application document 4710
Appendix L - Flood Application document 27661
Appendix M - Stormwater management report.pdf Application document 4708
Appendix O - Retention of Hertiage listed Elephant Statues.pdf Application document 4435
Appendix P - Preliminary Servicing Strategy.pdf Application document 3908
Appendix Q - Geotechnical and Acid Sulfate Soils Assessment.pdf Application document 7878
Appendix R - Detailed Site Investigation.pdf Application document 4418
Appendix E - Letter for the SCC application (12 August 2019).pdf Application document 410
Appendix S - Acoustics report.pdf Application document 781
Appendix T - Access Assessment Report.pdf Application document 867
Appendix U - Site accessibility report.pdf Application document 3435
Appendix V - Previous SCC.pdf Application document 6640
Northern Beaches Council comments on SCC application 52 Cabbage Tree.pdf Council comments 452
Northern Beaches Council - Addendum submission (Bayview).pdf Council comments 74
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